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watch Mods: G-Shock RoundupWhen G-Shocks and electronic watches in the like really don't frequently help it become to the internet pages of worn wound, we will not deny their popularity.  People of all stripes and pursuits go wild for G-Shocks, and unsurprisingly, a reasonably robust local community of G-Shock enthusiasts has designed on the net. Having invested some time wanting for the G-Shock forums and websites, we found out there are some Astounding G-Shock mod tutorials in existence, covering every thing from simple scenario refinishing to far more intricate mods that demand cracking open up the watch situation.  So, to help make it easier for worn wound viewers to obtain their fill of G-Shock mods, we've put jointly a collection of some of our favorites.  The 1st mod up is one particular is near to our hearts. For anyone prolonged time visitors, you already know we are huge admirers from the nylon NATO strap.  It's a vintage look that actually works with pretty much each watch in the world.  Unfortunately, when you very own a G-Shock, NATO's are not a choice.  Well, you could constantly use these strap adapters from CountyComm, which can be great but a little bit cumbersome.  Or, surf watches it is possible to follow this tutorial put jointly by Andy over at the G-Shock wiki.  He took issues into his very own fingers, filed down the lugs on his DW-5600 twenty 20mm and screwed in certain new holes for lug bars.  The simple, tactical glance of his G-Shock looks wonderful with all the black Maratac Mil Sequence strap he chose to place to the watch.  We also like that to drag this job off, it will eventually set you back lower than $50, assuming you've the right instruments available.Up next is a we came across over the Seiko and Citizen watch discussion board.  A poster that goes from the name sharkfinDave, had his eye on the unique edition Murakami G-Shock Frogman watch, but didn't have the more than $3,five hundred it could price tag to get a single. But as an alternative to acknowledge defeat, Dave made the decision to roll up his sleeves and get to work generating his have version of your limited version piece.  Starting using a additional modestly priced non-special edition Frogman, Dave disassembled the watch and boiled the plastic case in h2o with lots of red dye (only about thirty seconds).  Then he used some white design paint on the bezel markings, and that is just about it.  For a full rundown from the method and provides, breitling 6.75 verify out Dave's post.This mod is excellent for your number of explanations, initial remaining that it is really genius. During this particular situation, Dave was seeking to copy a particular watch coloration, but this process is excellent for just producing a unique G-Shock that stands out from the crowd tag watches .  Such a simple concept that creates fantastic success. Here's an additional publish from watchuseek applying a similar methodology. The second cause this mod is so terrific is the fact it worked definitely nicely.  Dave bought fairly close into the Murakami Frogman together with his Diy venture, so I am sure he could fool a number of G-Shock fans from the distance.  And for everybody else who hasn't the faintest notion just what the Murakami Frogman is, Dave's watch just appears to be amazing.  A task definitely well carried out.Here is one more mod that involves a little much more complex knowhow, or bravery based on the way you see it. cmoy to the watchuseek forum posted an extensive tutorial regarding how to invert the digital exhibit with your G-Shock by changing the polarizing polarizer inside of.  In other words, the best way to swap the display screen from black textual content on white to white text on black.  This can definitely give black watches a super stealthy glimpse or simply just give your G-Shock some more character.So, to tug off this mod, you will fundamentally need to open up the situation of your respective watch, eliminate the show and switch the polarizer.  Now what is actually neat concerning this is the fact the polarizer that is available in your watch can invert the colours in the exhibit itself, just by rotating it 90 levels.  However, as was the case with cmoys G-2300, his show is rectangular, so just rotating the polarizer that came with all the watch did not function.  He had to get one new.  Needless to state the project came jointly truly properly, along with the G-2300 looks excellent that has a blacked out display.  If you belief your self adequate to open up up your watch and mess with the vital things, then this mod might be the a person for you.So there there is a roundup of some pretty good mods for the relatives of G-Shock watches.  If you can find any G-Shock fans in existence which have moded a watch fendi watch , or enjoy on striving one among the mods listed here, mail us some pics.  We'd appreciate to discover your perform.By Blake Malin